6 Reasons Electronic Catalogs are Sales and Marketing Machines

1. Easily Shareable and Accessable

Digital Catalog Solutions offer email, text, or social media delivery options.
These methods are here for you to quickly and easily place your products in front of new and existing businesses. Electronic Catalogs are easy to deliver and share, cross-selling your products throughout multiple communications delivery channels at one time. You are able to quickly spread the word about business offerings with detailed product information. Over 70% of suppliers find digital catalogs give them advantage in effectively selling to prospects and new clients, in addition to increasing the amount of business they do with existing customers.

2. Customer Convenience

Customers find digital catalogs provide easy access to the products they want and need. Hyperlinked digital catalogs send customers directly to the products of interest and then direct them to eCommerce carts, checkout processes, and payment processing forming an intuitive instant ordering experience. Digital and/or Online Catalogs provide your customers with convenience by offering an anytime and anywhere product selection and purchasing experience 

3. Low Cost and Quickly Produced

High design & print production fees with long wait times are a thing of the past.
Electronic product catalogs reduce costs. Print creations and complex distributions processes no longer apply. Digital custom catalogs take a minute to create without any printing fees. Generate product-specific, customer-specific, and custom-designed catalogs within in minutes.

4. Immediate Sales

Many businesses have decided to only do digital catalogs because they simplify and speed up the distribution processes throughout their chain. Digital catalogs make buying simple for customers. A businesses digital catalog serves as the gateway to bringing customers to eCommerce. Customers can simply click to add and edit orders, check availability, make their selections, and complete the checkout process immediately. The digital Catalog provides a simple and intuitive shopping experience for a business’s customer base.

5. Product and Customer Specific Customization options

Digital Catalog Marketing gives you the advantage of making on-demand changes and implementing product updates in real-time. Digital Catalogs can be targeted and customized with specific products to customers.Digital catalogs are easily created from product data already in software solutions platforms.Hyperlinked catalog guide customers to products, cross-sell products and to the e-commerce check out cart process in minutes.

6. Digital says you can still do print!  – and it makes the print options easier

Remember, digital takes away the many pains that come with print, by automating the creations of catalogs, but that doesn’t mean that digital doesn’t offer the option of print as well. Your business always has the option of mail order digital catalog creations to be printed out.You can do both – print and digital simultaneously by printing directly from the digital catalog you created, customizing your mailing to ease the process of direct mail.

Are You Ready to Create your Digital Catalogs? Start creating with Cutting-Edge Solutions Catalog Generator.

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