Ways you can use eCommerce software features to brand your business and eCommerce Site

Social Media posting directly from your site

Branding requires visibility online. One quick method to save time is to post products and information content automatically from within your eCommerce site. Utilize the tools, features and functionalities within your eCommerce software platform to post products and content information directly to social media/online.


Advertising tools within your eCommerce Software will assist your branding and visibility. Place advertisements on your site, and on social media spread your name and what types of products you carry reaching your customers. Make sure to tag advertisements to gain more exposure and gain recognition online.

Social media links

Links to Social media brand your eCommerce business across multiple channels by increasing exposure, generates more site and social media network traffic and offers free advertising.

Also, make sure to place your social media links in your footer and header of your site. Google recognizes social media links for more visibility of your brand online. When Social media content is popular around social media pages, this will boost your branding and google will recognize this.

Promotional Branding

Run special promotions to brand your eCommerce business while generating sales. Understanding product promotions and branding awareness is essential to business and maximize sales by letting buyers know whats available, and giving them an incentive to go to your business to make their purchases.

Customer Loyalty Rewards

Customer loyalty rewards provide continued visibility and awareness for your brand. Customers are attracted by customer loyalty programs because they offer savings, rewards and special recognition to customers. Customer Loyalty is a way of making sure that your customers feel special.

Customer Loyalty is not only a great way of branding your eCommerce business, but an excellent way of going the extra mile to make sure your customers continue to buy your products.


The most recognized leading brands use email autoresponder as on of the most valuable branding vehicles for their business.

Placing your brand image and content in auto responders builds long-term relationships to grow your brand.

Auto responder is a way of advertising branding through a friendly channel without bombarding consumers. Consumers will be more responsive.

Create Cross-Sells for related products

Cross-selling products extends your branding through multiple channels at one time. eCommerce solutions cross sell features helping to reach more consumers by placing your brand and the products you offer in front of more people at the same time.

You can find these, other features and more in Pro-Active eCommerce Websites

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